LightSPEC West Keynote Session
Wednesday, September 21, 2022  |  10:00am

Presented by: Thomas Paterson, Principal, Lux Populi

An internationally renowned lighting designer, mentor and entrepreneur, Thomas heads up Lux Populi, which is  doing some of the most innovative and evocative lighting design on the planet. Based in Mexico City and the UK, with projects in over twenty countries, Lux Populi is a global first-principles design practice, collaborating with design teams to develop custom crafted solutions for each client and their individual needs. The firm brings a focus on craft to a variety of complex design problems, including aesthetics, impact on wildlife, social change, and risk management through psychological design of light. With a background architectural lighting and engineering, Thomas brings together diverse fields of knowledge in compelling projects.

Thomas Paterson, Principal, Lux Populi